16 March 2017

I Had Nothing to Do With It


I wish to state again, once and for all, that I had no personal involvement whatsoever in organizing that bus convoy that ferried thousands of citizens of Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote there for Mrs. Clinton . . . after they had already voted in Massachusetts of course. I can only assume that there is something about my appearance that causes these arch-conservatives around here--all good friends otherwise--to persist in asking me about it.

I do not deny that I was approached anonymously about the project, but I categorically refused out of hand to become involved. I simply was not that enthusiastic about the candidacy of Mrs. Clinton in the first place. Second, there was the issue of the sizeable deposit required to lock in all those buses. I could get no satisfactory explanation of the ins and outs of my reimbursement. In short, my lack of enthusiasm for the prospect of exposing myself to a federal conspiracy charge while at the same time being out the deposit on the buses nearly equaled my lack of enthusiasm for the candidacy of Mrs. Clinton.

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