08 January 2017

Dennis McMurrin

Here is how it all came about. I was chatting with Doug Blumer of Gamut Productions. We are both long time fans of Dennis McMurrin, and we both bemoaned the fact that there are no acceptable videos available of him performing. Half of the fun of Dennis McMurrin is watching him do what he does. We decided to do what we could to remedy this.

Over time I cobbled together a sound system in the old Chicken House with used equipment. My pal Rick found an antique Peavy sound board in his son's garage and hauled it out. Weighs in at only a little over a ton. I had some other stuff from here and there, a couple of worn Crate speakers out of a church for example. Kind Jon Werner allowed me to retrieve some equipment that I had left in his basement before departing for Mexico eight years ago. After a good deal of experimentation, I managed to make it all work, hauled in some halogen shop lights that I found in the machine shed, and booked the musicians for Sunday Brunch in the Chicken House on 4 December 2016.

As it happened we had a snow storm on that date. Nevertheless, the musicians made it here along with a few other hardy souls with four-wheel drive vehicles. Doug hauled up his video equipment consisting in part of no less than five cameras, which we mounted around the place. Then we all did the best we could with what we had. Dennis claims to love the acoustics and the Hot Rod DeVille amp in the Chicken House, but we all know that, actually, he likes it in here because he can smoke.

This is a tune that I have heard him do for years. Hell, he and Dan Johson played at my 50th birthday party twenty years ago. This one will put tears in your beer for sure.


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