02 April 2015

The Tracks: Number One

1 August 2014

I just returned from a visit to San Miguel de Allende to visit old friends and favorite places. A lady accompanied me. I showed her around. Not to put too fine a point on it, she was swept away by the place. She is already daydreaming about living there. As for me, I continue here at the farm for the time being trying to keep it together . . . the farm that is. Not me. I myself am perfectly together, thank you. My mother lives on but in a different world now. She seems to recognize me when I visit, but I am not absolutely certain she does.

The tracks above run along the southern boundary of the farm. This stretch is far from any road. I must either hike there or drive the John Deere Gator, nothing more than a glorified golf cart. I intend to post a series of photographs of the tracks. If you like photos of railroad tracks, this will be the place for you over the next several days.

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