21 November 2014

Trapper Jack and Daisy

Jacks House-072

What a mixed bag of photos I am have been putting up here. This blog needs some unifying theme, but unifying themes are one of the things for which I have no talent.

As I have mentioned before, I am trapped here in the United States of America for the time being. I must manage my aged mother's farm on which she no longer lives and tend to her affairs. A comfort in the midst of this is my friend Trapper Jack and his dog Daisy. Jack and Daisy live a hermetic life back in the woods there by the river. Jack is fiercely independent but abides a visitor now and again as long as the privilege of visiting is not abused.

1 comment:

Khadija said...

I just love that photo of Trapper Jack. You should see if he'll let you photo his house. If only the walls could talk!