10 December 2012

Up in the Air

I was up in the air earlier this summer walking the pipeline the first time without having given it altogether too much thought. Fred, my neighbor and a volunteer tour guide out there in El Charco del Ingenio Nature Preserve, mentioned in passing that he had seen some Mexican boys walking the old pipeline that hangs on the rim of the canyon. When I heard this, I instinctively knew that those Mexican boys were onto something. I did not even go so far as to consider what it was that they were onto other than the tautological conclusion that they had been up there on the pipeline.

There are so many special aspects to freedom here. If you determine to get drunk and fall in a hole in the street, you are free to do so. There are no barriers around the holes to prevent you from doing it, just a few rocks placed around the edges of the holes politely pointing out the holes--so that you can better see them if you are drunk at night and wish to fall into one. Similarly, if you wish to go out to the Nature Preserve and walk the pipeline, you can. Yes, there are a couple of signs that suggest that you stay on the paths for your own safety, but if you leave the paths and climb up onto the pipeline, no guards are going to show up and drag you off.

I cannot do this part yet. I must get off and walk around this part on that ledge to the right. I wonder if the Mexican boys can do this part. I have yet to bump into them out there. Eventually, maybe. 

I must give more thought, tomorrow or the next day, to why I walk the pipeline. There is one side benefit to it. I must start attending to my balance at this point in my life. I am not yet ready to stagger and fall regularly as my father was wont to do in the extremity of his dementia and old age. Walking the pipeline is a sort of high stakes tai chi in that regard. But that is not why I do it.

Maybe it is just the sheer beauty of it all up there.


Candy Minx said...

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mr_wingert said...

no fricking way do you walk on that pipeline ... you're nuts!

Eugene Knapik said...

Walking that pipeline must be fantastic. I don't think I could do it. I could only dream of it but my dreams would be surely mixed with nightmares about falling off.

Stephen Brassawe said...

Done, Candy.

Wings, it is not that bad once you get up there. And as I have told you, street, you could do this easily, and I know you like the idea.

Anonymous said...

Great shots and fabulous nature!

Stagg said...

I'd like to think I could walk the pipeline...but I'd be afraid of falling also? I wonder what I would've done when younger around peers?


Stephen Brassawe said...

I got the idea from the Mexican boys who do it, Stagg. They were of course showing off for each other. Little did they know that an old gringo was watching, too.

Glad you enjoyed the photos, seenorway.