18 December 2012

Cranfills Gap, Texas

Rural Cranfills Gap, Texas, on 14 December 2012 at 10:11 a.m.

I have been on a road trip back up north into the United States of America. I must help my aged mother with some of her business. She is the last frail tether that ties me to the United States of America. But I need to help her. There are no brothers and sisters. If there were, I would shuffle all of this off on them.

I stayed the night on the way north in a freind's guest house on a nice spread out in the country near Cranfills Gap, population 281. These photos show the view outside the door of that guest house.

No, that is not the guest house. Just a charming little shack on the grounds near the guest house.

Now, as I type this, I am back north in the farmhouse in which I grew up, sleeping in the same room in which I slept as a child. The same old books on the shelf. The same model airplanes and ships. My pony saddle on the rail above the stairwell outside the door to my room. Very strange. My mother no longer lives in this house. She lives in an apartment in town. This house no longer exists in her mind, as nearly as I can tell. Here alone, I sense the dead stacked up around me.

One of the things that I must do is clean out this old house. There is a big dumpster outside right now. I have started. Not a fun activity. I wish I were back in Mexico.


Julia Ferretti said...

That little shack looks good enough to by a tiny house! Looking at it makes me miss my Texas home. Right here, we have a little shack and a guest house too. Whenever I missed being in Texas, I just move some of my stuff in and spend the night there. Here comes the nostalgia. Thanks for posting!

Frankie Barnes said...

You know, it feels good to travel along Texas with an rv. My best friend and I grew up in Texas too, and whenever we miss home, we just go on a road trip, then stay overnight in one place. I wish we have a shack at home too, just like yours!

Sienna Kippax said...

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