06 November 2012

Wings Over Mexico

The man featured in the preceding entry is an old friend from up north, Rick. He paid an extended visit to me here in Mexico last March and April.

Another norteamericano friend who has visited is Wings, who spent too short a time here with me in October 2011. I have had to give up the company of several friends who still partake of alcohol. I cannot find it within me, however, to give up this man's company. Wings never did become accustomed to the cobblestone or the speed bumps during his short stay. He therefore required regular anesthesia to endure them.

Because I am in a sentimental mood, we shall therefore once again air Wings's video report of 14 October 2011 to friends and family back home on his visit here, a video that features the spinning belt buckle.

One tourist's observations on his visit:


Wings has sent word that once again this year he has been named Employee of the Year at midwestauction.com, that enterprise having no other employees. As always he will be presented with that award by a guest Master of Ceremonies at the forthcoming company Christmas party, one of the more raucous, harrowing annual Christmas parties in that city to the north. The same trophy with same name engraved on it is simply recycled year after year. I consider myself lucky to have survived a couple of those parties in years long past.

My stint as Master of Ceremonies, 24 December 2000.

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