07 November 2012

The Sabino

Sabino de la Huerta, 12 April 2011.

I mentioned some time ago that I have been trying to improve the photographs that are published in this blog. In connection with that effort, I have had to learn more about digital photography. Many subjects still defy me, however, although I keep trying.

The tree featured in that video of Wings during his visit here, the Sabino, is a mammoth one in the remote pueblo of La Huerta situated in a canyon not far from here. It would be a landmark tree anywhere in the world, but it is particularly unusual in this part of Mexico. I have visited it many times and hauled many people out there to look at it, some of them Mexicans who had never seen it. Why? Because I like that tree.

I also have an enormous number of photos of it that I have taken through the years, none of them any good. It is just too big. The photo above of its root structure is one that I played with recently to try to make it better. The roots meander down the side of the mountain toward that hole on the right in which there is a spring that feeds water to the tree even in the dry season. This photo is not a success, but it is the best that I have right now. I have become motivated recently to try again to photograph that tree for reasons I will not bore you with right now.

Yesterday, I hopped in the pickup truck, drove out to La Huerta, and took 81 photos of the tree as well as of a few other miscellaneous subjects. I was sure that at least one of those photos would be useful because I had given a good deal more thought to how to photograph the tree. Somehow in the process of offloading those photos from the camera to the computer yesterday afternoon, I lost all but twelve. None of those twelve photos were photos of the tree unfortunately. 

I do, however, have these photos of this Mexican rooster who lives in La Huerta. He was trying to hide from me yesterday. He finally popped his head up because he had never before heard the Spanish language spoken in the way in which I speak it.

I shall drive out to La Huerta again this morning and try one more time.


Bloggerboy said...

I think that's a pretty good start. I like the filtering to black and white.

Stephen Brassawe said...

That dappled light is precisely what makes it so difficult under the tree, bloggerboy. The tree itself is too big to photograph at all effectively. Anyway, glad you liked this effort. I shall keep trying.