24 November 2012

The Better Angels at Play

I well appreciate that my problems are not your problems. Nevertheless, I must follow up on an earlier story here.

Those of you who drop by here fairly regularly will recall that on 6 November I hopped in the pickup truck and raced out to the village of La Huerta to take additional photos of the giant Sabino tree there. I hoped to come up with one photo that was suitable to enter in Rodposse's photo contest, the theme of which was “flora.” I took 81 photos that day. In the process of transferring those photos from the camera to the computer upon my return, I lost them all with the exception of a few photos of some chickens. On 7 November I hopped in the pickup truck again and headed back out to La Huerta to do the same thing all over again.

Here is the punch line. Today I opened that folder dated 6 November in the computer by accident. There were all 81 of the photos from the first session in La Huerta on 6 November including the chicken photos. I was stunned.

Here is the photo of the women doing laundry in the stream:

I knew that was going to be a somewhat nice photo when I shot it.

Here is the dog getting a drink at the pool  of water below the tree.

Here are the girls who were down to draw a bucket of water. Out of a sense of fairness, I warned those girls that I was going to take their picture. They wanted no part of it.

In the past I often suspected evil little gremlins of being at work around me and bitterly blamed them for the mysterious fouling of my life that occurred at times. Now I realize that it is really the better angels at play, and they are a delightfully mischievous lot. They must have been giggling uncontrollably as they temporarily hid all those photos of the tree and left me with only a few photos of some chickens. To tell you the truth, I am laughing with them now myself.

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