18 November 2012

News from the North

I do not recall ever having mentioned even once in this blog in the past three and a half years that I have family up north in the United States of America. I do not know what this blog is about, but that sort of thing is not it. Yet now I am getting old and soft. I will make an exception today, 18 November 2012 on the Gregorian Calendar.

I have one son and three beautiful, highly intelligent daughters, all of them exceptional adult human beings. They probably deserved better from a father than they got from me, but I did the best that I could as I saw the role at the time. Whatever the case, no man has ever been more proud of his children than I am. Their mothers deserve great credit.

This is a recent photo taken in Chicago before an MLS professional soccer game between the Chicago Fire and New York. Fourth from the left is my son, Matt, in those absolutely awful plaid, short pants and white shoes. He is 31 years old and teaches English to Junior High School students, something that no amount of money would persuade me to try. Aside from his profession as a teacher, Matt lives for fútbol.

I do not know how he got out there, but it undoubtedly had something to do with his being a super fan of the Chicago Fire bordering on the lunatic. During the games he stands behind the goal with the rest of those crazies. I did that with him once some years ago. Once was enough for me.

Here is the entire message that I received from Matt:
Yeah, got to flip the coin at this one, which was a national game on NBC Sports Network (formerly Versus). The New York captain SHOULD have been the legendary Thierry Henry (acquired from Barcelona last year). Lo and behold, he picked up a calf strain the week before.
So there is Matt's news for me from the north. I was of course vitally interested in that business about Thierry Henry's calf and why he was not out there with Matt.

My son makes me laugh, but he makes me laugh in the very best way.

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