17 November 2012

La puerta del cielo

Speaking of mountains . . .

23 July 2012.

Basketball court in the sky. I will let you find it if you can. (Hint: The backboard is red.) I am sorry that I did not get the name of this pueblo along Mexico 120 on the way from San Juan del Rio and Tequisquiapan to Pinal de Amoles, la puerta del cielo, in the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve of Querétaro.

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Does that look like mountains, and does that look as if Pinal de Amoles sits on top of a mountain? If so, that is exactly the way it should look. The church in Pinal de Amoles sits at 2,555 meters (8,383 feet) above sea level. Of course the Rocky Mountains in the western United States and the Grand Canyon are in a class of their own, but for my taste the mountains of the Sierra Gorda in the state of Querétaro constitute as beautiful a landscape as you will find anywhere. Spectacular. As one drives up, one enters an entirely different ecosystem than the one to which I am accustomed.

I previously gave my own brief explanation of the geography of Mexico here from the point of view of a pickup truck driver along with some other photos taken in the Sierra Gorda.

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