02 November 2012

Día de los muertos pasado

The Day of the Dead is upon us once again this weekend. I shall be out and about. In the meantime, a couple of snapshots from previous years.

Those dead of families of means are buried toward the front of the local cemetery--el panteón. Their graves feature elaborate stone structures--I forget what they are called in English--buried under mountains of flowers on the Day of the Dead. I prefer to visit the rear section of the cemetery where the dead of families of lesser means are interred, not because I am such a fine man. I simply prefer the company of the poor to the company of the wealthy for entirely selfish reasons, even though the poor can be an incredible pain in the ass.

2 November 2010

This fresh grave remains my favorite of all the graves that I have visited on the Day of the Dead through the years. This family had ingeniously decorated the grave of the loved one whom they had recently lost with dyed sawdust garnished with a stalk of corn. I am sentimentally attached to corn.

Of course one can always opt for one of the drawers in the back wall of the cemetery.

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