16 October 2012

Young Couple

In late August I was out at El Charco del Ingenio Nature Preserve practicing walking on the The Pipeline. In fact I was at the precise spot on the pipe where we last left off that endeavor here. On the other side of the canyon, I saw these school kids. She is still in her school uniform. As soon as the young people this age get out of school around 2:00 in the afternoon, they immediately couple up. Parque Benito Juarez back in town is full of them necking there. One has to avert one's eyes when walking through the park during the couple of hours after school adjourns for the day because some of these young couples really get it on.

As for this couple, they had the other side of the canyon all to themselves. There were no tourists that day. There was something about their body language that caused me to conclude that they were good kids, sweet kids who had not yet spent much time together and were still getting acquainted. I took a photo. Probably, I should not have invaded their privacy by doing that. However, I liked the look of the scene.

And then she saw me.

Another view across the way.

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