14 October 2012

The Urge Passed

I sat for a time in the plaza two days ago contemplating this sign across the way while I smoked a cigar of Cuban tobacco that had been hand rolled before my eyes just minutes before I purchased it. I received good marks in the civics class of my youth, able to parrot well the received wisdom about democracy in America. So it was that, like a lapsed Catholic who still occasionally feels the need to confess, I had the fleeting thought that perhaps I should vote in the forthcoming presidential election in the United States of America. The sponsors of this sign claim that it is an easy thing to do from here. Later, I walked home, took a cool shower and a siesta, and the feeling passed entirely.

Whomever the citizen consumers who serve in the Electoral College choose as my next president in  their wisdom is fine with me. I am confident that I can move myself deeper into the bush in Mexico and avoid the consequences of whatever variety of calamity follows. That is undoubtedly a delusion, but it is a delusion that I embrace.

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