12 October 2012

The Trek

I ask everyone's patience through this blog entry. Then we will be done with churches again for a good long while. In the middle of August, I trudged far up on the side of the mountain in the early morning hours before dawn--por la madrugada, to use my favorite Spanish word. I did this in an attempt to take some photos with effect for a couple of friends in particular. Ever since I have been working off and on trying to salvage something from that trek.

The photos below are not successes. I am not going to toss everything, however, without putting up at least two after that hike up the side of the mountain.

The large church in the background is the Oratorio of San Felipe Neri, constructed in the early 18th Century by the way. In the center foreground is little Nuestra Señora de la Salud. In the lower left is Plaza Cívica Ignacio Allende complete with General Allende's equestrian statue dimly visible there.

Still another photo of the towers of La Parroquia, but I hope from a different angle than that from which they are normally seen.

There have now been a lot of photos of churches posted on this blog. I know that. But church attendance is the second favorite indoor sport here. These photos are actually a bit better if one clicks on them and looks at a larger version.

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