27 October 2012

The Pickup Truck

I do not want anyone worrying about the pickup truck. The pickup truck is just fine.

Where are we in time and space here?

It appears that we are only a couple of days from November 2012 on the Gregorian Calendar. Still the planet Earth, I presume. In a couple of days the pickup truck and I will have been together for seven wonderful years. Some of those early years were not excessively wonderful, but that was not the pickup truck's fault. After three and half years here in Mexico, the suspension could use a little work. Nothing that needs to be done tomorrow however. Which is a good thing because I would not get it done tomorrow even if it did need to be done tomorrow. Overall, the pickup truck is as beautiful a black lady as she ever was. Just look at that rear end. We both have dings but nothing that detracts from the charms of either of us. We still make a striking couple.

You know, if a man were forced to make a choice between a good woman and a good pickup truck . . . . Well, let us only hope that a man never finds himself in such a predicament as that.

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