19 October 2012

More Murals

I do not intend now to dedicate this blog to Diego Rivera. There are other blogs so engaged, and certainly many more dedicated to his wife, Frida Kahlo, also known as Santa Frida. We will follow up here, however, with more detail photographs. The large section of the mural depicting Mexican history that topped the previous entry is located on the center wall of the stairwell in the National Palace. In the photograph above that panel is on the right. The side walls of the stairwell also feature murals on that same subject, One of those side walls is shown in the photograph above. It is a massive mural, amazing in its scope.

There are also murals on the walls in the room above where the lady on the stairs is headed. We will take a look at some details from those. Why these particular details? Because they are the only details of which I have salvageable snapshots.

Let us start with this particular detail that was included in the previous blog entry and move a bit to the right.

Then we see that while those conquistadores are torturing that indigenous person, Hernan Cortés is paying someone. I cannot remember the significance of that transaction, but the man being paid has swollen, syphilitic knees, an allusion by Rivera to one of the gifts brought by the Spanish to the indigenous people of the New World.

Behind Cortés, as he pays the man in the lower left here, the indigenous people are slaving away.

Zooming in further, that baby's face is classic Rivera, given what I have seen. His eyes match his mother's earrings, one of Rivera's many playful touches.

For other photos of the mural in the stairwell of the National Palace, you can visit my entry done shortly after I first saw it. Some of the photos in that entry are stolen, something that I do not do anymore.

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