29 October 2012

I Lost Track

It had somehow escaped my attention the the Day of the Dead approaches this weekend. I was finally brought up to date on that when I bumped into three men setting up this display at the Independence fountain down at the end of calle Cardo yesterday.

We are still in October, are we not?

Yesterday the clocks moved ahead by one hour here in the Mexico City time zone. I did not know this was going to happen so soon either. I was completely confused about the time until Fred stopped by today and explained to me what had happened. It really does not make that much difference to me except that I would like to know when to stop saying Buenos Dias and start saying Buenas Tardes. Even that is not critical to me though.

I bumped into a web site today that informed me that there is some sort of storm in the United States of America. There is no television in this apartment.

I seem to be having a little trouble staying oriented in time and space, mostly time right now. This is still planet Earth, is it not? The other day I confidently wrote that it is, but now, what with these problems with time, some doubts about space have entered my mind.

It is a good time to take a short break from blogging here. I must rest up in anticipation of the Day of the Dead. That will also be a suitable demonstration of respect for the soon-to-be victims of this storm in the United States of America. I ought not be frolicking away here while that is going on, wherever in the United States of America that is. I am not sure.

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