21 October 2012

Greetings to the Danes

Greetings and best wishes this Sunday to the visitors to this blog from Denmark. I should reveal that my ancestors came from your country. Four brother emigrated from Denmark to the United States in the Nineteenth Century. I am a descendant of one of them. The brothers' family name was Vorbasse, which should give the Danes who visit here a hint as to whence in Denmark they came. I was sorry to read that the bridge from that Russian submarine was recently removed from the naval port in Vorbasse, which is actually situated on a pond. Vorbasse is a long way from the ocean. Anyway, I believe this all explains why I have had so many problems in my life with people of Swedish ancestry.

That last sentence was a joke. Please do not take it seriously. I have nothing but warm feelings for visitors here from Sweden, too. In fact I was married once to a lady whose forebears came from Sweden. That, however, is another and much longer story.

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