08 October 2012

Back to the Pipeline

Enough frolicking around town for now. Where were we on the pipeline? We had an overview of the canyon here. We had begun reviewing the bidding here. We then abandoned the pipeline at the bad spot near the top of the canyon, considered the whole thing philosophically, and went down to the bottom of the canyon to take a psychosexual look at the cut here. At this point then, we should turn around and head back up the canyon toward the bad spot from the bottom up. Here we encounter a long stretch of the pipeline that is mounted on piers.

In this photo we are looking down on the pipeline from a vantage point on the rim of the canyon. As a matter of fact, the bad part is in the upper right of this photo in the distance.

Although I was a bit fearful walking this stretch up on the piers at first, with practice it has now become an enjoyable walk.

Here we are on up ahead coming off the piers, starting to hug the wall of the canyon, as we approach the bad spot. Notice how this photograph has darkened in a foreboding manner. We will leave off here today. In the next installment of this series I will actually show you the bad spot. Finally.


Anonymous said...

I would have some difficulty walking on the high bits.

Stephen Brassawe said...

Not this part though, Street. You would grow to enjoy this part.