31 October 2012

A Discovery

That last entry was incredibly boring, was it not? I myself attempted to reread it this morning over coffee and could not make it through. I occasionally feel compelled to write and post something like that for reasons that I cannot explain.

Let's look at some pictures today.

I had sworn never again to publish another photograph of a door or another photo of a Mexican church in this blog. I have sworn never again to do a lot of things in my life. I justify myself in this case by pointing out that the subject of this entry is not a church but rather a chapel.

I was surveying the realm on Sunday morning from a vantage point on the side of the mountain. At my feet I noticed this odd structure directly below me. I determined to investigate. Getting down to it was no mean feat. Still, I am here to serve. I am a river unto my people.

The photo above is a view of the rear of the building as I approached. A view of the rear end of most anything is my favorite view.

It has its own little flying buttress.

Opposite the door to the building was this structure. Let us call it a "grotto." I was obviously trespassing. I felt badly about that. I could have gotten shot! In which case I would have felt even worse. Still, I am here to serve . . . etc. . . . etc.

Inside the grotto was this mural.

To the side was this outbuilding. The entire place appears to be in use now as a site for the salvage of construction materials. There were used roofing tiles stacked next to the grotto. There are wooden shipping pallets strewn around here in various stages of disassembly.

I risked serious physical injury while crawling up on top of the grotto to bring to you this photo of the chapel itself. Still, I am here to serve . . . etc. . . . etc.


Becca@Roofing Melbourne said...

If you look at that old door, I could imagine it as a haunted door (just kidding). You've taken a nice picture here, and I know it's not easy to be there. Good Job.

Stephen Brassawe said...

Hi, Becca@Roofing Melbourne. Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, you are quite right. The whole place is a little spooky. I only go there in the daytime.

Khadija said...

I'm glad you posted this picture of the door. It's beautiful.