13 September 2012

The Battle of Chapultepec

Not too long ago I wrote a bit about the Battle of Chapultepec and the boy heroes of Mexican history. That was in connection with explaining the name of the school that Yvón and now Lucia attend, La Escuela de los Niños Heroes.

The Mexfiles called my attention today to the fact that it is the 165th anniversary of that battle. The writer there did an excellent little essay on it with a fascinating bit of trivia about the red stripe that now adorns the dress pants of United States Marines. Somewhere here I also wrote a bit about the St. Patrick Battalion, the Irish-Americans who deserted the Army of the United States of America and fought on the Mexican side. I shall look for that.

The writer at The Mexfiles quotes Ulysses S. Grant on what a despicable war the American intervention in Mexico was. Representative Abraham Lincoln bitterly opposed that war in Congress. Again, somewhere here I posted a more extended quotation from General Grant's memoirs. I shall look for that, also.


For any interested in what more General Ulysses S. Grant had to say in his memoirs about the intervention in Mexico of 1847, a more extended quotation can be found here.

A short rendition of the story of the St. Patrick's Battalion can be found here.

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