28 September 2012

The 2008 Viñas Pijoan Leonora

It says here that some great wine is coming out of the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California. The conquistadores ordered the first planting of vineyards in the Viceroyalty of New Spain in 1524 using Europe vines that grew like weeds here.

The particular one that caught my eye was this 2008 Viñas Pijoan Leonora. It is a cabernet-merlot blend, which would have been right up my alley when I was still a drinking man. Furthermore, it says that this wine goes particularly well with smoky-sweet mole poblano. I could use something to wash down smoky-sweet mole poblano, something that puts out the fire better than hot tea does. Ah, well. I will never know.

Not that I had any particular physiological problem with alcohol. Although there are those who would disagree, most of whom still decline any communication with me, lo, these many years later. The truth is that I had to quit because of the breakage. I simply could not afford the breakage anymore. I'm not just talking about wine glasses either.

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