05 September 2012

Status Report

I have had some technical problems here that interrupted the red hot blogging streak that I was on. Some on-and-off electricity over the weekend blew out my adapter cord for this notebook. A brand new 130-watt adapter cord is winging its way here from Dell. However, it will take some time for my mail service to get it through customs in Laredo. In the meantime I was able to find a 90-watt adapter cord at Radio Shack that will hold me for the interim. Radio Shack of México to the rescue! I have found that these power cords are not cheap.

Radio Shack is located in quite an attractive shopping mall on the edge of town. There are also two big white box stores out on the beltway, comparable to Walmart, which is also getting a toehold now in Mexico elsewhere. I try as much as I can to purchase what I need in the little stores here in my neighborhood. There are times, though, when one must go to the shopping center or to one of the Walmart clones. Unfortunately, that is the way it is.

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