24 September 2012

La Aborada is Coming

San Miguel subduing a norteamericano expatriate.

Over the course of three and a half years, I have published 713 entries in this blog. Last 7 August in a comment underneath it, I predicted that the entry of 26 September 2009 would soon overtake the entry on the San Miguel International Film Festival and become the most popular entry of all among visitors. Sometime over the past weekend it did just that, as you can see in the list of the most popular entries on the right side of this page. Visitors to this blog have now visited that particular entry, which is nothing more than one of my rants, 4,966 times. Why? I have no idea.

It is appropriate, however, that the entry Saint Michael Loves Aerial Bombs! should become number one at this time. La Alborada, the fiesta celebrating the archangel after whom this city is named, is very nearly upon us once again. On 29 September the biggest fiesta of the year occurs. It will launch for real when this city explodes at 4:00 in the morning on Saturday with a fireworks extravaganza amid the people who will pack the main plaza, most of whom will have been up all night. I do mean amid the people. The stuff blows up right in the middle of the crowd. It is an impressive party.

In a previous lifetime it was impossible for me, a non-believer, to decide which of the archangels was my favorite. Now, in my later years, the matter is settled. Comandante San Miguel Arcángel, Generalisimo of the armies of God, is clearly the archangel whom I revere the most.

I am ready for La Aborada 2012.

[ADDENDUM: Visitors, if you would like to see a video of the launch party as it actually went down in the early morning in 2009, please click here.]

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