30 September 2012


24 September 2012

After the Parade

The young lady attended a parade earlier in the day. I did, too. I appear a little bedraggled myself.

29 September 2012

Musical Interlude

Let's do a musical interlude. We have not done a musical interlude in a long time. And let's do this song again.


Let us imagine that when I was thirty years old, someone had told me that 35 years later I would be sneaking up on butterflies perched on wildflowers somewhere in Mexico to take snapshots of them. Let us also assume that I believed that person, which is doubtful. I would have shot myself then and there. Still, things change, don't they?

28 September 2012

The 2008 Viñas Pijoan Leonora

It says here that some great wine is coming out of the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California. The conquistadores ordered the first planting of vineyards in the Viceroyalty of New Spain in 1524 using Europe vines that grew like weeds here.

How. Not Why.

But first, I suppose that this is as good a time as any to evade the question of why I wish to walk the entire length of that pipeline from the dam into town.

27 September 2012

Let's Review the Bidding

The pipeline, old El Conducto, originates at the dam in the nature preserve. It was originally built to pipe water to Fábrica la Aurora, a textile mill in town, where it powered generators that supplied electricity to the mill. That old textile mill now houses a complex of art galleries.

26 September 2012

The Pipeline

There in the distance is the pipeline, El Conducto, wandering off down the canyon toward the city. I shall soon give an update here on my effort to walk on top of the pipe all the way from the dam--situated up the canyon behind me in this photo--then down the canyon and into the city. I have been practicing but not saying anything about it here.

The Canyon

With water, I hasten to add.

25 September 2012

Food for the Poor

Sides of beef for the poor outside Plaza de Toros Oriente after the corrida at 8:36 p.m. on 16 September 2012. It is only another abattoir. A little more tricked out than the others is all.

Standing Water

. . . amid the green, but it will not be that way much longer. I took this photo beside the highway between San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, the southern route. I do not know the number of that highway.

Corn Patch

. . . and good looking corn it is.

24 September 2012

A Good Rainy Season

Nothing is perfect in this world, but the rainy season has been a good one. The countryside blooms. If you are interested in some photos of wildflowers, you can visit the latest entry in the other blog.

La Aborada is Coming

San Miguel subduing a norteamericano expatriate.

23 September 2012

More Again

I am freshly back from another trip on 20 September to the abandoned mines around Mineral de Pozos--as was made obvious by the last entry--and with a whole new raft of photos. However, I have written enough about Mineral de Pozos here. Should you wish to visit old entries concerning that place, you can simply click on "mineral de pozos" in the cloud index at the bottom of this page. Should you wish to read something freshly written about it, you can visit the other blog.

21 September 2012

Never More Content

Never more content than when I am up in Mineral de Pozos. Consequently, you all will soon be plagued with a whole new installment of photos of that place.

17 September 2012

Independence Day

Saturday night on the eve of Mexican Independence Day. It has been a long weekend. Now I must sleep.

13 September 2012

The Battle of Chapultepec

Not too long ago I wrote a bit about the Battle of Chapultepec and the boy heroes of Mexican history. That was in connection with explaining the name of the school that Yvón and now Lucia attend, La Escuela de los Niños Heroes.

11 September 2012

Marathoners on the Outside Now?

This is Maria Salomé. She is pictured here on her way to winning in the women's division of the 10K event in connection with the 2012 marathon sponsored by Oxxo, the big convenience store chain. I first picked up on this story at The Mex Files, an English language blog originating here in Mexico that I follow.

09 September 2012

08 September 2012

A Joint Enterprise

This little man is learning how to walk. His grandfather is assisting during a practice session in Plaza Allende after mass on a Sunday morning. They are both obviously determined.

06 September 2012


I have often gone over to the park, Parque Benito Juárez, on Saturday to watch the young men play basketball. In fact when my friend Scott was here last fall, we took in a game together. What I did not know until a week ago Sunday is that the young women play there on Sunday. I am usually fully occupied with my various devotionals on Sundays of course.

05 September 2012

San Antonio Body Shop

I was reluctant to put up this photo for fear that someone would think that I am having fun with the primitive appearance of this little shop. Quite the contrary.

Status Report

I have had some technical problems here that interrupted the red hot blogging streak that I was on. Some on-and-off electricity over the weekend blew out my adapter cord for this notebook. A brand new 130-watt adapter cord is winging its way here from Dell. However, it will take some time for my mail service to get it through customs in Laredo. In the meantime I was able to find a 90-watt adapter cord at Radio Shack that will hold me for the interim. Radio Shack of México to the rescue! I have found that these power cords are not cheap.

01 September 2012


Al lado de carretera 110 hacia Dolores Hidalgo en la madrugada del 12 junio 2012.

An older man now, I enjoy sunrise only after I have slept