09 August 2012

The Moron Brothers

I am going to take a break and mail one in this evening.

Far and away most of the videos posted hither and yon in this blog are homemade by me because I like homemade entertainments best, the less professional the better. However, some months ago my friend Rick sent me a link to the video below that had previously been provided him by a mutual friend named Dixon. It is well done, but the content is the delight of it. Every once in a while, when I want to kick back myself, I play this video and watch it.


Bloggerboy said...

Thanks for that post, Steve. It made my day. Is it safe to assume that you are familiar with Harlan Hubbard's "Shantyboat"?

Stephen Brassawe said...

When I say that I have been intending to read "Shantyboat" for years, I am serious, Bloggerboy. Your inquiry finally provided the critical mass of motivation that I needed. I just ordered the book. What little I know indicates that the man loved the same things that I do and was pissed off by the same things I am. We shall see.

Bloggerboy said...

Please report back on your experience. Happy reading.

Stephen Brassawe said...

I am well into Chapter 2 of "Shantyboat: A River Way of Life" by Harlan Hubbard with an introduction by Wendell Berry and already I am looking at various plans for shanty boats online.

Dean Keller said...

It had been a good day after all. This is what we were on the river for - to feel the power of it, to see it in action, to be near to it with as little as possible between us and it, to know it as an elemental force stripped of names and associations. The hard work and aggravation, the unwieldy boat, stubborn as a mule, water like glue, all this was good, too. What true understanding of the river could one acquire by a fast trip in ease and comfort? And now, after such a day as this, it was good to be at rest, sheltered where wind and current could not reach us.

~ Harlan Hubbard
from Shantyboat Journal
edited by Don Wallis

Stephen Brassawe said...

What a delight to find this comment, Dean! If you are at all interested, you can read my own review of "Shantyboat" here: