18 August 2012

The Fountain Thing

This is a gated community Mexican style. Where is the gate? My camera lens is poking through the slats of it.  Down there at the circle drive you can see the obligatory fountain. So this would be a private fountain. My point is this. There are 45 public fountains in the central historical district--what I call "uptown" because one hikes up to get there from where I live. There must be four times that many private outdoor ones. But I am not interested in fountains that were built within the last hundred years. The public ones are the old ones.

I have decided to call the fountains that are built into the wall along the street "street fountains" to distinguish them from freestanding "plaza fountains." Seems a sensible, straightforward nomenclature. I have photos of street fountains strung all over hell on the internet now trying to make a name for myself. "That fountain guy." 

Here is a photo of one of the street fountain that is easy to miss uptown, not one of my favorites. However, the limestone trim is a distinctive color. People used to draw their water from these fountains.

This is the fountain in the oldest neighborhood in town, El Chorro. It is located near the spring that is the reason the city is located where it is.

This is a color detail of one of my favorites uptown. See how worn the front edge is? People wore that stone down leaning over and dipping buckets of water out of this fountain every day over a very long period of time. You can see a black and white photo of this fountain by clicking here.

I am into fountains pretty deeply right now, but I will be getting over it soon.

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