21 August 2012


The first day of school was Monday. This required a shopping trip last Friday down to the market called Mercado San Juan de Dios. I am in no danger of bumping into any other gringos at Mercado San Juan de Dios, I'll tell ya. (Rick, it is where you ate the ground goat.)

First up, these girls needed some clothes. They must wear uniforms to school. That is Lucia mugging for the camera while Yvón tries on blouses. Monday was Lucia's first day of school ever. Never met a camera that she didn't like.

Those are political stickers on the front of the counter. There was a national election here earlier this year. This little stall with school uniforms for sale is apparently a PAN shop, Partido Acción Nacional. That would mean that this shopkeeper is left of center.

Then the girls needed some school supplies--pencils, paper, erasers, and stuff like that.

The whole contingent that was along for the ride in the pickup Friday--the entire catastrophe.

These are the finished products, Yvón and Lucia. That is the first skirt that Lucia has worn in her life. It has been all jeans, all the time up until now. Although she admitted to being a little nervous about her first day at school ("nerviosa" was her word), she already sported that skirt with aplomb here, I think.

I await some tacos al pastor this evening at a restaurant called Brasil with two veterans of two complete days of the new school year.

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