09 August 2012

San Antonio Church

Finally, after more than three years, I took a decent photograph of San Antonio Church a half block up the street. I am enormously fond of that little plaza and the church. I do not attend, but I can listen to an outdoor mass when one is conducted in front of the church while sitting on my own patio. Sat in the shade up there in the plaza this afternoon and dozed off a bit before buying some hot dogs and bananas and heading home.

There is nothing artsy about this photo, but it does convey pretty well in a straight ahead way what the place looks like in good light, which there was in abundance today. Click right on the picture to make it big. I am proud of it.

My little grocery story, Aborrotes San Antonio, is the dark stone building with brown trim on the far right. The low white structure in between with the florescent green sign hanging on the door is an adjunct of the church--pay toilets that generate a little additional revenue.

This church has been around a long time. The community web site says that construction first began in 1620. It has the second oldest bell of all the churches in town, a bell that dates back to 1762.

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