17 August 2012

Roof Drains

Not a bad picture, huh? I am kinda proud of that one. Taken at 8:21 a.m. on 9 August 2012 in Calle San Francisco. Very arty. Do me a favor. Click on that photo, and make it bigger.

Those devices in the upper left corner of the photo are flat roof drains. I ask the patience of those who live among flat roof drains while I explain a bit about these architectural features to those who do not.

Flat roof drains are everywhere here because . . . ah . . . the roofs are all flat.

1 December 2009

Obviously, on a rainy day water pours from these flat roof drains onto the sidewalk below. That is self-evident.

15 January 2010

What is not self-evident is this. Many of the residences have rooftop patios. Commonly, the lady of the house or a maid is up there in the morning watering the plants with a bucket or swabbing down the patio and rinsing it with buckets of water. One may be walking along a sidewalk on the most beautifully clear, sunny morning and suddenly have to dodge torrents of water spewing from the roof drains above.

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