29 August 2012

Plaza de Toros From Above

The point here is not only the Plaza de Toros but also the detail on the roofs. Some explanation for visitors to this blog who have never been to Mexico; the rest are excused.

Those black tanks on the roofs in the center right are water reservoirs. Water is gravity fed into the the plumbing system of the homes from the those tanks on the roofs. There a pair of more elaborate roof tanks in the center foreground. All a common arrangement. These things are only more artfully concealed on the roofs of the homes of the crust.

In the center roof you can see the two propane cylinders. This is the common fuel for the cook stoves and the water heater. During the week trucks go to and fro through the city loaded with full propane cylinders playing a distinctive little tune over a loudspeaker to announce their presence. If you need propane, you can flag down a truck and buy a full cylinder. The guys will tote it in for you, hook it up, and take the empty away with them.

The only thing wrong with that basic but nice rooftop patio in the center left foreground is that it has a greatly obstructed view of the bullring.

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