30 August 2012

Greetings Today to My International Visitors

Saludos today to the visitors to this blog from the great and historic nation of Russia. I know only this. There is more than one of you, and more than one of you has been returning here to this blog often of late. I simply wish to let you know that I have noticed your recent advent and am delighted that you have found something of interest amid all of this. Welcome.

Of course I do not wish to slight those from the Ukraine and the Czech Republic who have been returning for some little time now as well as the many from the countries of Western Europe who have been coming back for a long time. The fact that you do come back to look in on me now and again warms my old heart. 

Those of you visiting from Australia and the Philippines and other countries of Asia have not gone unnoticed either. It is only that you tend to drop by here while I am sleeping.

As for those of you from Brazil and Venezuela and other Latin American countries, I am especially honored with your visits. One day I will travel further south, perhaps even beyond the Tropic of Capricorn. I am only a bit below the Tropic of Cancer now. I must improve my Spanish and learn some Portuguese first. 

I know that some part of the great number of the daily visitors from Mexico are norteamericano and Canadian expatriates. However, I also know that most of these visitors are citizens of the wonderful nation of México--México lindo y querido--the country that I have come to love, the country that has been my own personal salvation. Thank you for visiting. I am most honored by visits to my blogs from the people of México.

In the words of Rosa: 

"They're good people, friendly, hospitable. Mexicans are hardworking, they're hugely curious about everything, they care about people, they're brave and generous, their sadness isn't destructive, it's life giving,” said Rosa Amalfitano as they crossed the border into the United States.
“Will you miss them?” asked Fate.
"I'll miss my father and I'll miss the people,” said Rosa. 

--2666 by Roberto Bolaño. 

--La gente es buena, es simpática, hospitalaria, los mexicanos son un puebla trabajador, tienen una curiosidad enorme por todo, se preocupan por la gente, son valientes y generosos, su tristeza no mata sino que da vida –dijo Rosa Amalfitano cuando cruzaron la frontera con los Estados Unidos.
--¿Los vas a extrañar? --dijo Fate.
--Extrañaré a mi padre y extrañaré a la gente –dijo Rosa. 

--2666 de Roberto Bolaño.

Unlike poor Rosa, I am not leaving.

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