02 August 2012

For the Interim

After more than three years of pasting up photos here, I have run out of storage space with Google. They are demanding money of me for more storage space. Instead, I have been busy tidying up and deleting superfluous old photos to clear up more space while at the same time being careful not to destroy old blog entries. I shall be back here regularly as soon as I have completed this project. In the meantime my blog at Wordpress continues apace.

Here is another couple of my photos of a beautiful baroque church high up in the Sierra Gorda in a little town called Landa de Matamoros. (These photos are stored at Tumblr, where I have enrolled so that I can use some of their space.)

24 July 2012

24 July 2012

Ver mapa más grande

This is my new pal, Gaspar Olvera, whom I met in another little town up there. Gaspar is 79 years old. We hit it off immediately.

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