15 August 2012

Disclaimer Redux

For me there is nothing more boring than visiting a blog wherein the blogger writes incessantly about blogging. That strikes me as a kind of exercise in masturbation. Nonetheless, I am going to do exactly that with this entry in order to review the bidding as briefly as I can.

For a little over a year, commencing around the beginning of September 2010, I neglected this blog somewhat to write and post in a different venue. Ultimately, I became dissatisfied there because that venue seemed to be populated by a great number of bloggers who mistook their own opinions for facts. I ceased writing and posting there, took all my writing down, and left. There is symbolism in that because the world is populated by people who mistake their own opinions for facts and always has been throughout human history. Which, I suppose, is the very reason that I have sought some escape from the world over the past three or four years. The world wears my ass out in that way.

This blog has always been my first love even though I continue to maintain another with a high, arty tone at WordPress, which is merely a front. It is here that I am without pretense. Those who have visited regularly for some time will have noticed that I have been trying to organize this place, make it more attractive visually, and make it more accessible generally. I have been working diligently to post some photographs of a higher quality as well as point-and-click snapshots, which still have their place. What I am not doing is editing anything that I have written and posted in the past or taking down any of it, even though I might not be altogether proud of some of those entries now. The statistics that are provided to me relating to this blog indicate that people continue to stop by here in rather astonishing numbers and continue to visit many of those entries written two or three years ago.

Of course what this blog still lacks is a unifying theme. I sometimes feel like the Tin Man who wistfully said, “If I only had a heart!” If I only had a theme! I guess the theme of this blog has always been and will continue to be this. An older man toward the end of his career in the Midwestern United States of America comes to feel that he is at a dead end for reasons that he himself does not entirely understand. He determines to give all his stuff away and drive off toward Mexico in a pickup truck pulling a tiny camper trailer simply to juice up his life in a modest way before finally stepping off into oblivion. Why Mexico? He does not entirely understand that himself either. Nevertheless, when he finally gets to Mexico, a place that he understands not at all, he slowly takes on an appearance akin to that of Rasputin and finds that, quite late in the game, he has entered upon the best and most delightful phase of his life. The problem with that as a theme is that you cannot say it all in one sentence.

Now to my point, something that I mention in the page entitled “Here is the Deal with this Blog” but do not say forcefully enough there. Visitors must not mistake anything written and posted in this blog as factual in an informative sort of way. My problem is that I am interested in many things that I know little about. I continue to read and to talk with people to try to learn more about those things that interest me, things Mexican in particular, but there are far too many of them. This blog is purely an entertaining lark for me wherein I address subjects that catch my attention temporarily. Visitors should regard it in that same way and not as a seriously informative place at all. Nothing posted here is entirely true. Everything posted here is profoundly subjective, thoroughly uninformed, and therefore entirely unreliable. In other words it is like every other blog in that way but without pretending to be otherwise.

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Not that I have any moral objections to masturbation, obviously.