14 August 2012

Diego Rivera Again

The subject of Diego Rivera again. A couple years ago I had the opportunity to see his murals in the National Palace in Mexico City. You have to go to Mexico City to see those murals because they never take them out on tour. They are spectacular. I say that without any exaggeration. I only wish that I had been a bit more skillful with a camera back then.

As far as framed paintings are concerned, there are paintings that I like as much as "Nude with Calla Lilies," but none that I like more.

I have put that painting up in this blog before with a photo of my calla lily connection in San Miguel de Allende from whom I learned that the Spanish word for calla lily is alcatraz. At least hereabouts it is. I put an image of that painting up again for this reason . . .

I did not know of this painting by Rivera, "Nude with Sunflowers". (The color in this digital image is a bit dark.) I suppose that I should have known about it--it is apparently quite famous, too. I simply did not.

This all has led me to conclude that Diego Rivera was as fond of big flowers as I am.

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