12 August 2012

A Cornucopia of Subjects

This photo allows me to accomplish several things. On the left is Saint Anthony's fountain on the corner of calle heroes and calle 20 de enero in my neighborhood, colonia san antonio. Down the street on the right is the house that I am fond of and wrote about previously. (I realize now that it is on calle 20 de enero, not calle 28 de abril.)

Since I am currently fixated on photographing street fountains, this photo furthers that purpose. You can see others by clicking here and here. This is one of my own personal favorites close to my home. People in the neighborhood keep it decorated with flowers more or less elaborately. The types of flowers and their arrangements are changed regularly. During San Antonio's feast days one cannot see the fountain for the flowers stacked up on it.

I do not airbrush out power lines and telephone wires in the photos that I put up in this blog as I sometimes do in photos that I put up in the other blog, where I try to maintain a very high arty tone. Here what one sees is what one gets. This blog is more for explaining how things really are.

*See that piece of reinforcing rod sticking out of the top of the building in the upper left behind the fountain? This is a common ploy in construction here. Many of the buildings and houses have rerod sticking up out of their flat roofs. This is so that the owner can claim that the building is unfinished--that there is more to come--and therefore pay reduced real estate taxes. Many buildings remain unfinished in this way for many years, which makes perfect sense to me. It is the intention, after all, that counts.

*For contrary information about this rebar, please click here.

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