02 July 2012


13 July 2010

I realize that I am a little fixated on the subject of rain. However, when you have not seen any for a long time, it seems like a miracle when it pours, as it is outside right now as I write this. Water falling out of the sky. Know what I mean?

I found some old photos. The large one above is of a leg of the reservoir on the date indicated. On 29 March of this year, Rick and I drove straight across the dry lake bed of the reservoir to the other side in my truck at that very spot. During our ride on the horses on 5 April we were for the most part riding beside that dry lake bed or in it. You can see photos of that by clicking on these words.

29 March 2012

13 July 2010

When Rick and I drove across in the truck, I saw La Sirenita (The Mermaid) on the other side sitting in the dust. I remember remarking to him on that.

21 May 2010

I took this photo of the reservoir on a bike ride. Remember that you can click on any of these photos to see a larger version if you wish. This is what the reservoir should look like even before the rainy season starts in late June or early July. We simply did not have a good rainy season in 2010 nor did we last year.

But it is raining now.

13 July 2010

And if it keeps raining, maybe we can float these boats again.

The rainy season of 2009 was a rainy season. It started in June, the first month I was here still in the camper out at the old Hotel Siesta campground. The following video taken on 1 July 2009 shows what a rainy season should look like. The first minute of the video is more than sufficient.

Look, I know everyone reading this has seen rain. Humor me. It's pouring outside right now.

1 July 2009

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