02 July 2012

Slide Show Experiment

This is an experiment. Have patience with me. I am determining whether I can post slide shows here. The following are snapshots that were posted to this blog back in 2009, the first taken in Texas--Canyon Lake Campground run by the Corps of Engineers, Luckenbach, Pine Hills for the little music festival there, Mission--and some from early on in Mexico. Then there are some odd ones in there, the purpose for which I do not recall. Not going to make a helluva lot of sense, and it will go on forever if you let it. Perhaps someday I will add captions. Probably not.

I am still not all that skillful with a camera, but I have improved considerably since taking these pictures.

Okay. Good. Looks to me like I can post slide shows here.

By the way, it rains now. And rains. It is wonderful. The following photos are of a striking cactus blossom on my patio. The first two are of the strange looking bud, which developed over days. The second two are of the blossom, which fell open yesterday. It is already wilting today.

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