07 July 2012

How Does Vote Buying Work?

Aguachile: Soriana vote buying reaches international media: Sorianagate (what else) won't go away, and AMLO et al are doing their part, appearing at a press conference in front of a wall plastered wit . . . .

The Mexican Presidential election comes around every six years. The last one was on the first of this month. Voting takes place on Sundays here. Now, as usual, a scandal has broken out arising out of this election. Soriana is a big grocery store chain. The party that won the Presidential election, the PRI, is accused of buying votes by handing out gift cards from Soriana.

I'm tellin' ya. Mexican politics is the second most amusing spectator sport in the world, second only to politics in the United States of America.

Here is what I have never understood about vote buying. What is to prevent you from drinking the free beer or taking the grocery store gift card or whatever and then going into the voting booth and voting for whomever you want anyway?

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