08 July 2012

Follow-up: How It Could Work

Grocery Shoppers Outraged Their Mexican Election Voting Bribes Were So Puny

In that last blog entry, I wondered how vote buying works. I am embarrassed to reveal that I sometimes look in on the Wonkette's blog, a link to which is above. I have no idea if one single thing published in that blog is true. In this case, however, that blog suggests how vote buying could work.

You hire a bright kid to go into the voting booth with the voter after the promise has been made to the voter. The election officials assume it is a child or grandchild or whatever. The kid watches the voter mark the ballot. Then the kid verifies to the guy outside that the voter marked the ballot correctly. The guy outside then gives the voter his or her Soriana grocery store gift card.

Later, the voter is pissed off later when he finds that the gift card is only worth 100 pesos instead of 500 pesos.

I love the simplicity of that. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

07 July 2012

How Does Vote Buying Work?

Aguachile: Soriana vote buying reaches international media: Sorianagate (what else) won't go away, and AMLO et al are doing their part, appearing at a press conference in front of a wall plastered wit . . . .

The Mexican Presidential election comes around every six years. The last one was on the first of this month. Voting takes place on Sundays here. Now, as usual, a scandal has broken out arising out of this election. Soriana is a big grocery store chain. The party that won the Presidential election, the PRI, is accused of buying votes by handing out gift cards from Soriana.

I'm tellin' ya. Mexican politics is the second most amusing spectator sport in the world, second only to politics in the United States of America.

Here is what I have never understood about vote buying. What is to prevent you from drinking the free beer or taking the grocery store gift card or whatever and then going into the voting booth and voting for whomever you want anyway?

02 July 2012


13 July 2010

Slide Show Experiment

This is an experiment. Have patience with me. I am determining whether I can post slide shows here. The following are snapshots that were posted to this blog back in 2009, the first taken in Texas--Canyon Lake Campground run by the Corps of Engineers, Luckenbach, Pine Hills for the little music festival there, Mission--and some from early on in Mexico. Then there are some odd ones in there, the purpose for which I do not recall. Not going to make a helluva lot of sense, and it will go on forever if you let it. Perhaps someday I will add captions. Probably not.