02 June 2012

Sunrise Along Highway 110

Early Friday morning before daybreak, I picked up the French Canadian maniac, Michel, at his house. We drove off hoping to take some decent photographs in the early morning light, which is quite different than the light when the sun is directly overhead.

I always learn a great deal from Michel when we go on one of these expeditions. He is a fine photographer with credentials who has been at it a long time.

The following photos were taken west of San Miguel de Allende along Highway 110 heading north to Dolores Hidalgo.

We then drove the highway from Dolores Hidalgo to the state capitol, Guanajuato, through the mountains. The mountains were too hazy for me. Some weeks ago I dropped the big camera and shattered the UV Haze filter that was screwed into the lens. It was not until weeks later that Michel was able to get the rim of that filter out of the lens by crimping it repeatedly with pair of Vice-Grips®. Carefully. However, the threads on the lens are still messed up. Even if I were to sink the money into another filter, I am not sure I could get it screwed in.

Anyway, my photographs of the mountains are worthless. On the other hand if you have seen one mountain, you have seen them all.


Deb said...

Beautiful pictures. Such an odd coloration to me. I am used to black dirt and green. Orangish is not something I see a lot off. Can' wait to see it in person.

Anonymous said...

great shots!

Stephen Brassawe said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos, street.

It is because of the light at sunrise, Deb. The landscape certainly does not have that tint under the noon day sun. Which is why we ran out there so early.