11 June 2012

Mexican Mountains

If you click on the photo, you will see that it is a cemetery, un panteón in Spanish.


The edge of Guanajuato.

I decided, oh, what the hell. Let's put some mountain photos up. These were taken on the same trip to Guanajuato with Michel as those previously posted here. The northern route to the state capitol takes one through the mountains. It was a constant battle with the haze up there that day. Yes, once you have seen one mountain, you have seen them all. We are therefore now finished with mountains for the foreseeable future.

Michel trying to figure out what to do.

Iowa plates. I have never seen another set of them during my entire 
time here, which probably speaks to the general good sense of Iowans.

This kind of thing adds some spice to the driving experience.

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