06 May 2012

Young Men of San Miguel Viejo

Rick finally got his own photographs off loaded from his camera. He thought that I might like this one taken during our ride of 5 April on rented horses. I certainly do like it. It was taken near the little store where we stopped for a break.

These young men--poor as goddamned church mice outside of town there in the village of San Miguel Viejo--these young men and I hit it off immediately.

Ranger Vest courtesy of CC Military Surplus, Central City, Iowa, United States of America.


Stagg said...

It's so cool to see 'ya have 'n fun with everyone....a lil' while ago you "lip sang" to a song on a video that had a old/new "feel"...that song quickly grew all over Chicago's Mexican cultural radio stations...even the cleaning crew that I work around "jam" that tune' n others like it all over the place !

Keep going my friend of friends !!


Steve Brassawe said...

Must be the video that is right at the bottom of this main page, Stagg.

Thanks for the good wishes. I shall keep going.