12 May 2012

School Open House

Recently, I had the honor to be invited to an elementary school open house and program at Escuela de los Niños Héroes--School of the Boy Heroes--here in San Miguel.

The program was put on in the school gymnasium, which is in the open air.

11 May 2012

A Touch More History

When I say “hot,” I do not mean Las Vegas hot. (The weather station here is at 6,237 feet above sea level.) Rather, the highs in the afternoon are only in the nineties. There is no air conditioning anywhere here except in the ritziest hotels. Nor would I wish air conditioning. Out of the sun it is quite comfortable in humidity that runs only ten or twelve percent. Since I am staying out of the sun, we shall continue with a bit more of the story of Father Hidalgo and General Allende and the war for independence from Spain, a story that I began in the last installment and that all started in the area where I live.

10 May 2012

A Touch of History Amid the Doldrums

It is hot here. The pace has slowed. Occasionally, to pass the time, I enjoy writing of incidents from Mexican history in my own words. What harm does that do? Nothing here is mandatory reading anyway.

06 May 2012

Young Men of San Miguel Viejo

Rick finally got his own photographs off loaded from his camera. He thought that I might like this one taken during our ride of 5 April on rented horses. I certainly do like it. It was taken near the little store where we stopped for a break.

These young men--poor as goddamned church mice outside of town there in the village of San Miguel Viejo--these young men and I hit it off immediately.

Ranger Vest courtesy of CC Military Surplus, Central City, Iowa, United States of America.

05 May 2012

By way of Explanation but not Apology

In my case it came about in my evolving relations with my own three beggars, two of them old ladies who sit at their stations against the wall along the street, one on San Antonio near the pharmacy and the other on Umaran going up the mountain. Yes, they do sit with a hand out. Downright Biblical looking figures, those two. The third is the dirty child with . . . I shall tell you more about him some other day.