11 April 2012

Out Among 'Em with Rick

This is Fortino. He washes cars at curbside down the street. That is how I first met him. He washes the truck. I have written about him and his family many times previously here and in the other blog, once being the occasion of the memorable goat banquet.

Fortino lives out in a poor neighborhood known at colonia adolfo lópez mateos.

Here Fortino and Mrs. Fortino—Señora Maria--are working on shoring up the retaining wall around the front "patio."

He has a son and four daughters with their own families. Because they are poor and for various reasons, these children at times cram in there and live with Fortino and his wife when they are down and out. There seems to be a rolling soap opera going in that family, but then I guess there are rolling soap operas going on in all extended families to a greater or lessor extent, rich or poor.

My favorites, Ybón and Lucia, pictured at the bottom of this blog, are Fortino's granddaughters. Their mother is Isabel, who previously lived with her husband in Dolores Hidalgo to the north. Some months ago she and her husband of ten years determined to go their separate ways. She and her daughters came down to live with Fortino temporarily.

Currently, Isabel is in the process of moving into a little house in a low income development here called Malaquin. On Monday, 9 April, Rick and I went out to see the little house for the first time.

Ybón and Lucia with their cousin, Esmerelda. Rick working in the background.

Rick was a trooper and pitched right in helping to connect the propane tank and the gas range.  


Bloggerboy said...

Hi Steve, when you write a "low income development" does that mean that the buildings are subsidized for the poor? I'd be interested in knowing more if that is the case.

Brassawe said...

Yes, it is my understanding that developers receive some sort of financial encouragement from the government to build this developments. However, the details of all this are still beyond me. I am trying to learn more.

Brassawe said...

As a matter of fact, Bloggerboy, I am still trying to get my head around the ejido system of land reform put in place in the early Twentieth Century here. But I shall keep slogging along in my attempts to acquire some modicum of understanding.