09 April 2012

Mauricio Magaña

Just a bit of trivia concerning Mauricio Magaña, the gentleman with whom Rick and I rode out of 3 Señores stables. He is 33 years old and was born here in San Miguel de Allende to a landed family. A great animal lover. In addition to rescuing horses, he rescues dogs, which must be a daunting task in Mexico. But the guy cannot help himself. In fact a couple of times while we were riding, he spoke with villagers about their dogs a how they were treating them.

Mauricio attended film school in Mexico City. So far one can find three credits for him at Internet Movie Database.

He appeared as the older Abraham Sánchez in the HBO film And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself (2003) that stars Antonio Banderas. You can see the full cast and crew list for that film by clicking here. I have not seen that one. Is there a scene in there where a guy jumps a horse on a train or off a train?

He worked as a stuntman in the film Once Upon a Time In Mexico (2003). You can see the full cast and crew list for that film by clicking here. I have seen that crazy movie with Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Ruben Blades and all. It was filmed entirely here in San Miguel de Allende.

He appeared as Panda in the film El Padrino 2 (2008). You can see the full cast and crew list for that film by clicking here. I have no idea what that film is all about.

Fotos de 3 Senores, San Miguel de Allende
Esta foto de 3 Senores es cortesía de TripAdvisor

An unflattering photo of Mauricio 
before he recently cut his hair. 
I chewed his ass out about that.

He is also a diligent riding instructor.

The man to handle all tasks.

I like him.


Deb said...

Sounds like it would be difficult not to like him.

Brassawe said...

Very true. It would be difficult not to like him.

Bernardo said...

I had the chance to meet the guy a couple of times.

Besides his numerous activities, he belongs to a group with humanitarian vocation, with the aim of helping the native communities of the desert close to San Miguel de Allende.

You can to know more about it at this address: http://manorosamexicana.blogspot.fr/

Bern form France

Stephen Brassawe said...

Hello, Bernardo. Thank you for the information and the link. Mauricio is a good man. He is a man with a big heart.