05 April 2012

In the Saddle Again

3 Señores Stables

[Once again let me remind you that you can click on any picture that might interest you in order to see a larger version.]

The boss, Mauricio Magaña.

And my man, Gaspar, the stable boy.

The old caballero up on "The Sheriff."

Mariana getting her final briefing.

Adrian, her cousin who is visiting 
without his boots with him, but ready to go.

I am up and waiting . . .

. . . on my beloved Eleanor. "Eleanor, gee, I think you're swell." Wasn't that The Turtles?

Okay. We have that out of the way now.

The little Casqueros Chapel rebuilt in the 1600's on the original site of the city. The city was founded here in the 1530's, twenty years after Cortés first slaughtered and enslaved the Aztecs. The city was later relocated to the current site where there happened to be water. This location is remote, basically only accessible on foot or on horse. There are many here, gringo and Mexican, who have never seen it. Rick saw it today.

Rick riding drag for a time.

On the floor of the reservoir with no water.

Rick, with his trusty coffee cup as usual. 
Rick and Mauricio got on quite well.

Break time . . . 

. . . with new friends.

On the home stretch I think Rick was giving his ass a little break.

A little more than three hours.


Deb said...

Is it acceptable to call "cowboys" adorable? I suppose I should say macho.

I'm thinking the older caballeros held their own with the young pups and looked darned fine doing it.

Fun day!

Brassawe said...

Mauricio Magaña is my kinda guy. He gave us a terrific ride today. Great raconteur. Great personality. A man's man.