16 April 2012

Another in the Patio Series

There is more than just my patio around here. There is, for example, the beautiful patio of Michel Pellerin and Ginette Bernard at their newly remodeled home out on the edge of town, on which I sat late this afternoon. By the way, they are not shacked up out there. They have been legally wed for decades.

I have mentioned this delightful couple many times in the other blog but seldom here. Michel and Ginette are native born québécois now permanent residents here. Their native language is French, but they are adept at English as their second language. They have now acquired a working facility with a third, Spanish. Wonderful friends they are. Patient with me.

I have no photos of Rick taking advantage of this patio, although he certainly did during his stay. But this is a large town and small town at the same time. On a day in the big white box store out on that same edge while doing some serious, no nonsense reprovisioning, whom did we bump into but Michel and Ginette?

Have I mentioned before that everyone loves Rick?

As for my late afternoon on their patio today, this was what was going on behind me. Photograph by Michel.

Rick, I am going to eat your Cornflakes. They have been sitting there too long already.

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Deb said...

Awesome, I had not seen a picture of Ginette yet. I was beginning to think she was imaginary like Mrs. Rick.