25 March 2012

Weber RV Park & Tennis Courts

I shall give you a little feel for the place in which Rick is living. First, a little background.

On 3 June 2009 I crossed the border pulling the little pop-up camper trailer. I intended to go as far south as possible in Mexico to the city of Oaxaca and then on to the state of Chiapas. Perhaps even into Guatemala. My first stop was in San Miguel de Allende after driving through the night--a stupid thing to do in Mexico--on the recommendation of a couple who had been here. They suggested that I at least take a look. Moreover, there was a big RV park on the edge of town.

I rented a space in that RV park, which can accommodate the Texas-sized RV's, for three days and then for thirty days. I had the place to myself. While exploring the city on foot, I found Weber RV Park and Tennis Courts, which is in town. Only small campers can get in here. I said to myself, “Why am I in such a big hurry to leave a place that suits me better than any other place that I have yet encountered in the world?”

Because, you see, at that time I was free to do whatever the fuck I wanted. And I still am, as a matter of fact. People bullshit a lot about freedom. Very few have experienced it because, generally speaking, people build there own prisons and then live in them. Why? First, it feels more secure that way. Security, though an illusion, feels more comfortable than freedom. Second, it admittedly provides a better environment within which to spawn, which after all is our only real purpose here.

I pulled the camper over here in July 2009. What with Texas and my initial stay here, I lived in it for more than fifteen months all told. There is a row of apartments here. I noticed they were building a little one on the second story at the end. I kept visiting it as they were building it. Finally, I made the deal, rented the apartment, and moved in in August 2010. I have yet to make it to Oaxaca or Chiapas. Perhaps some day.

Here is a little video tour of the complex and the apartment where Rick is staying with me. I noticed later that the camera lens was a little dirty. All I can say about that is what I have been saying to various women all my life. “Goddamnit, honey, I am soooooo sorry! If you will just forgive me this once, I promise it will never happen again.”

Here is a Chamber of Commerce type video that will give you a feel for the city itself.


Four Dinners said...

Only problem I've got is that I'm in England with a mortgage and a wifey and a family and a load of cats and a job and.....

I so so so so want to be THERE!!!!

..still...I do value what I've got so maybe I can settle for reading about it eh?..;-)

Have a ball mate!

4D x

Brassawe said...

Thanks so much for the good wishes, Four. You are here in spirit now and perhaps someday . . . perhaps some sunny day in the flesh.